Jeans Production

About the production

Sustainable manufacturing
Our production facility in Turkey has been personally inspected by us on site for sustainability. We are in close contact with a team of specialists who, like us, are committed to environment-friendly and humane production!

Organic denim fabrics
With the strictly controlled biological guidelines, the usual toxic defoliants, pesticides and artificial fertilizers used in the production of cotton, which lead to evident damage to the environment, are avoided. Since 16% of the pesticides used worldwide are spent on the production of co on, it is particularly important to focus on more sustainable alternatives such as organically produced co on.

But Organic cotton is not enough for us! The washes of jeans accounts for a very large part of the ecological footprint. In order to work as sustainably as possible, we are in close contact with our laundry and the experts at Jeanologia™. We refrain from potassium permanganate, stone-washing and excessive water consumption. Our jeans get their unique „face“ by finishing with modern lasers. This eliminates the use of potassium permanganate, which is harmful to the environment and health. Typical denim finishing processes such as reactive dyeing, tinting and used effects are produced with the latest nanotechnology. This reduces the consumption of water, energy and chemicals for the washes to a minimum. By using ozone we can not only create natural used effects but also save energy and water resources.