LOVJOI is the love for fashion and nature

The driving force behind LOVJOI is the love for fashion and nature. This is also reflected in the name of the eco-label, which was inspired by the planet Lovejoy. The clothes from LOVJOI are made into unique favourite pieces by loving details. Structured fabrics and unusual cuts give the simple shirts and tops their very special style. A simple pullover can be transformed into a stylish party outfit with extra long sleeves or small wing sleeves give a romantic touch to a cozy long sleeve.

The Eco Fashion of LOVJOI comes from young designers and is mostly produced in our own workshop in southern Germany. High transparency in the supply chain and social economy are top priorities for the founders of LOVJOI.

The cotton we use comes from certified organic farming.
This controls not only the ecological criteria in the cotton field, but also the working conditions there. In order to protect the environment holistically, LOVJOI strives for short transport routes when selecting its suppliers and ships the products with a CO₂-neutral logistics company.