FellHerz was founded in a backyard basement in Munich in 2006. The name is a combination of the founders names, Beate Fellner and Sonja Herzog. Within a creative community they created and tried different art and fabrics on different materials. The outcome was a mix of everything. They changed travelbooks, objects, movies scratch trees, a huge cuddle monster, accessoires and clothing and showed all these designs in different exhibitions, readings, film screenings, cooperations and fashion shows.

After this wild life of creative output, FellHerz started focusing on graphic concepts with screen printing and digital printing technology in 2009. Comfortable fantasy design was the main focus. The classic motiv is a wild, playful girl and crazy MakeSomeNoise-Birds.
All FellHerz shirts are made out of organic cotton.

Today, FellHerz stands for sustainable and passionable fashion and style for individualists, which are living at the moment, without going after trends.

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