Organic Cotton

Organic Cotton

The conventional production of cotton is highly profit orientated. They use toxic chemicals against vermins, the plants need a lot of water and they don‘t really care about exploiting the soil or the impact on human beings.

If you know that cotton is the most used natural fibre on this planet you can put two and two together and you know, this industry has a huge impact on humans and our nature.

In turn, that means when we change something in this industry, when we work all together, for example by increasing the demand for organic cotton, we make a big step to a better world.

The seeds of organic cotton are not genetically modified to produces as much as possible. And this fact has a lot of advantages. With organic cotton you need round about 91% less water for the production and the seeds are much more resistent against vermins. To protect the plants as good as possible they only use natural methods. The crop rotation on the other side keep the soil fruitful in the longterm.
After a few month after planting, the cotton gets picked by hand. In the conventional production they use chemicals to make the harvesting easier. All these facts also have a positive effect on the quality of the end product.

Let‘s keep it short: We need less water, use less toxic chemicals - which is always good for the environment, we are protecting humans and the nature and have a better quality. The positive effects are pretty clear, aren‘t they?

That‘s why we would never question our decision to be organic.

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