How everything started...

From screen printing to the marketplace

ThokkThokk is driven by the passion and energy of us all, but mainly of our creative mind, the formerly mentioned one-man ThokkThokk show, VFX Johow, aka Vinzenz, Vinz or Cenco. He is the one who brought ThokkThokk to life and put his heart and soul into establishing the label. Here’s how: Growing up in Austria, Switzerland and Germany, being trained as a carpenter and attending a furniture and interior design school, his passion for extravagant design didn’t stop at designing new pieces of furniture. He started experimenting with different materials, especially with textiles which in late 2007 led to the idea of establishing his own fashion label and creating individual, green clothing himself.

Since 2008, the one-man ThokkThokk show has become an eight-person ThokkThokk family and our eco fasion label has grown with us.

Vinzenz created ThokkThokks first graphic line and screen-printed the graphics on textiles. He hit the nail right on the head and the very first ThokkThok print “Squared” became an instant bestseller.

Collaborations with artists from all over the world added more playful designs to ThokkThokks minimalistic first graphic line. Vinzenz managed to win over artists like Denise Fort (Newseeland), Annette Bauer (Munich), Superblast (Berlin), Luke Ramsey (Canada), Morgan Blair (New York), DOOOM (England) and le.petit.fromage (Cologne), who, for example, designed the popular print “AK1804". Over time more cooperations and other labels, like Fellherz and Lovjoi joined ThokkThokk the movement, to make sustainable, vegan clothing accessible as easy as possible. That was the start for the ThokkThokk Marketplace.



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