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Striking minimalistic graphic design bursting with energy meets ecological and fairly produced clothing.

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Our goal: creating an alternative to fast fashion.

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Kapok, also known as plant down, is the silky soft and extremely light hollow fiber of the kapok tree. It insulates excellently, is antimicrobial, hypoallergenic, water-repellent and super sustainable too! Kapok trees are wild growing and flourish without artificial irrigation or fertilization. They are not edible and don’t need farmland, as they naturally grow pretty much everywhere. The fruit capsules are handpicked by local farmers. The kapok fiber is biodegradable and naturally vegan. We couldn’t ignore this miraculous plant any longer and thought to ourselves: LET’S UNFUCK DOWN JACKETS!

Our natural, vegan and recycled Kapok Jackets saw the light of day in late 2017: innovative outerwear in the unique ThokkThokk design for all of you who, like us, don't want to keep themselves warm at the cost of ducks and geese. Our Kapok Jackets keep you comfy and warm with an insulation that is completely animal-free. Instead of down feathers we use the plant down kapok. Adding recycled polyester from old plastic bottles keeps the kapok filling in shape, even after machine washing the jacket at 30 degrees. The outstandig 'inner values' of our jackets are protected by durable and tear-proof nylon that is recycled from old fishing nets.

About ThokkThokk


Striking minimalistic graphic design bursting with energy meets ecological and fairly produced clothing. Our goal: creating an alternative to fast fashion and making sustainable clothing accessible for everyone. With attitude, style and a fair pricing policy.

Since 2008, the one-man ThokkThokk show has become an eight-person ThokkThokk family and our eco fasion label has grown with us. Step by step and without investors of course, to stay authentic and independent. ThokkThokk combines craftmanship, design, high quality and eco-responsibility. Where? In our colorful and green headquarter looking over Munichs “Werksviertel”


Our garments are mainly produced in India where our organic cotton is grown too. There, we work with several manufacturers, from big to small, that are GOTS and, whenever possible, Fairtrade certified and support the local NGO Save that fights for children’s an women's rights. Our warm plush socks are made in Czechia and our innovative Kapok Jackets are produced in China.

All ThokkThokk pieces are sustainable, fair and vegan, yeah! Our energetic prints, that brought the unique ThokkThokk style to life roughly ten years ago, are printed on ThokkThokk pieces in India, at partner print shops in Germany and by ourselves in our cool headquarter in Munich.

Each and every ThokkThokk piece can be bought in our Onlineshop. Additionally, you can find us online at Avocadostore, Amazon etc. and offline in over 150 stores all over Europe, including Supermarché (Berlin), DearGoods (Munich, Augsburg, Berlin), Zündstoff (Freiburg), Green Guerrillas (Cologne), Greenground (Vienna, Austria), Rrrevolve (Zurich, Switzerland). Trading partners can get their ThokkThokk favorites easily via our Wholesale-Onlineshop.

By the by: The idea behind our brand’s name “ThokkThokk” is a unique and catchy name, with coolness and a pinch of humor, that mirrors our edgy playfulness and passion for patterns.


Don’t miss out on all the cool new ThokkThokk stuff we’re coming up with: check out the newest news in our Journal, follow us on Facebook and Instagram: Join us @thokkthokk_organicapparel!

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